The Circuit de Navarra is a large recreational and sporting area specialising in cars which, in turn, is capable of generating and hosting an infinite number of business and leisure events. Its technical sports equipment, facilities, access and location make the Circuit de Navarra an ideal leisure, work and sports complex and a reference point at national and international level.

More than six million people have benefited from the creation of the Circuit de Navarra. Some facilities that were born to give importance to everyone. Those who make cars their profession and their passion. Those who want to enjoy their hobby. Those who want to spend a fun day in the karts. Those who want to please their clients with a corporate event. Or those who want to experience the emotion of the engine in its purest form. In other words, the Circuit de Navarra does not focus exclusively on competition, but rather aims to become a multi-space where high-level sporting events, corporate events for companies, prize days for fans and leisure activities for individuals take place.Everyone has their place and importance at the Circuit de Navarra.

The Circuit de Navarre has five specific tracks; a Speed Circuit, a Karting Circuit, an AutoCross Track, a Sliding Track and a 4×4 Zone.

The variety of tracks and facilities dedicated to the automotive industry makes it possible to organise corporate events and incentives, brand presentations, training courses and land-based competitions of all kinds in optimal conditions of safety and comfort.